7 Things You Need Do If You Want To Look Fabulous At 50 (and Beyond) Health N Active

7 Things You Need Do If You Want To Look Fabulous At 50 (and Beyond)                 Health N Active

7 Things You Need Do If You Want To Look Fabulous At 50 (and Beyond)

7 Things You Need Do If You Want To Look Fabulous At 50 (and Beyond)

century ago, who would have thought that women in their 50s can in fact be

living the best time of their lives? Back then, life was supposed to be

peaceful and boring after you hit 50, for women it was clear that all their

"womanly charms" were long gone by the time their 50th birthday.

anymore! Women today can keep looking fabulous, youthful and (to call it as it

is) hot, at 50, and beyond! Read on for my tips on how to look and feel

yourself! This is the key to self-confidence, and self-confidence is

the key to looking fabulous at 50. No one is going to notice your age or the

wrinkles on your face if you radiate self-love and acceptance of your own fine

self. Love yourself and others will love you!

Don''t forget you''ve still got it! Keep in touch with your feminine, sexy side

and have fun with it! Flirt with the young cashier at the coffee shop or the

cute mechanic at the gas station. Always remember you''re a sexy, sassy woman.

Looking fabulous at 50 really comes from within, but you can help with

taking care of the outside too. Make sure your hair has a nice, if not

fashionable but at least a modern cut that suits your lifestyle and look. You

can dye your hair or let it go gray - many people gray hair makes a person look

old immediately, I don''t personally agree but that''s a choice you will have to

look younger at 50, you will need to dress young too. Look at women on the

streets and how they dress, and orientate more on the things the younger ones

(in their 30s or 40s) wear when you go clothes shopping the next time.

a fabulous look, get enough sleep. If you are not sleeping enough, it will show

on your face, making you look tired and older than you are. So make those z''s a

one thing that can reveal your age in a split second is your skin. If

it''s saggy and full of wrinkles around the eyes and mouth, you will look old,

there''s no way around it. Make sure you are using the best skin care series you

can get your hands on. By best I mean natural, proven effective in terms of

fighting the signs of aging, and wonderful to use.

Don''t forget the eye serum! For everyone over 45, a powerful anti-aging eye

cream or serum is the absolute secret weapon. Get one with effective,

natural ingredients such as Xtend TK, Conezyme Q10 and Babassu Wax.

younger at 50 and feeling fabulous while at it is not impossible, just let your

love of life show and take care of your mind and body, and you''re good to go!

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