How to Quit Being Skinny Forever

How to Quit Being Skinny Forever

Tired of being too thin and skinny? Confused about what to do to bulk up? Feel that you could eat the proverbial elephant without gaining so much as an ounce? Good! You’ve come to the right place. Here’s what you need to know to start packing on the pounds, build some muscle, and quit being the skinny guy forever:

It may seem hard to believe, but that “fast metabolism” you’re blaming for your problems is probably nothing special. That’s right: In all likelihood, there is nothing abnormal about your metabolism. The myth that some people can eat anything and not gain weight is just that: a myth. Numerous studies have in fact shown that people who struggle to gain weight overestimate the amount of calories they consume every day, and that eating too little is  the only reason for their lack of bodyweight. Now, there are people who do have very fast metabolisms, but then they also have other symptoms (bulging eyes is one of them) signalling a pathological state, and if you the only thing that makes you think you have some sort of problem is low bodyweight, then your only problem is most likely a low calorie intake.

Train yourself to consume more calories. The one thing that is going to help you gain weight is consuming more calories than you expend. This is not as hard as you probably think it is, but it does take some knowledge, skills and even training. When we say “train yourself to consume more calories” we simply mean that you need to practice eating more.

This is what almost everyone in the sport of professional bodybuilding has needed to do to get to where they are today. This means eating bigger meals – yes, stuffing yourself a little if it takes that – and also starting to eat more snacks between meals and then adding in another meal or two. It may sound difficult, but it is not. Make adjustments in small increments, and you’ll soon find that you’re used to a higher intake of food. Your problem of being too skinny will be well on its way to being solved by then.

Identify high calorie foods, and start implementing more of them in your diet. Good weight gain foods include meats, whole milk, pasta, nuts, bananas, cheese, breads, sodas, fruit juices and oils. Eat plenty of these foods, and make sure to combine a carbohydrate rich food (example: fruit juic) with a fat rich food (example: red meat) with every meal.

Consume more liquid calories. Liquid calories tend to be digested easily, so increasing your caloric intake will be a day in the park if you just make sure to consume more fruit juices, sodas and even a weight gain drink like PVL’s Mutant Mass Gainer between meals.

Start lifting weights. Have a qualified person help you get started with a weight lifting program. This will help you build more muscle, and ensure that not all the weight you gain will be unhealthy flab.

Take it easy. Learning how to quit fidgeting and dealing with stress effectively will help you burn off fewer calories, and may even improve your appetite. Learn meditation, get regular massages or find some other way to wind down and unstress the system.

Follow these simple tips and you will not only gain weight – it will probably be faster and easier than you think!