11 Tips to Lose Weight Diet

11 Tips to Lose Weight Diet

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Issues of how to lose weight is a problem that is often asked by our current body weight begins to show up. Overweight and obesity especially for some of us is a nightmare, especially for us who care about their appearance and health problems. Associated with obesity but also the appearance of more or less definite influence confidence. But there are actually weight loss diet tips that can There try.

No matter how hard your efforts on a diet to lose weight without knowing its troubleshooting tips, sense of taste will not be maximized results. Troubleshooting tips diet to lose weight is actually very much, here we write a few tips that are relatively important role in your diet to lose weight.

weight loss diet tips that you can do every day

Tip 1. Avoid fat and kurangin karhobidrat.
Carbohydrate intake is still required though is a program to lose weight, so do you get rid of this carbohydrate intake. Eat with a number of dikurangin karbodihrat.

Tip 2. Kurangin sugar in your drinks.
Soft drinks contain high sugar, stop consuming soft drinks. Always make it a habit to consume mineral water if you are on the outside. If you want to drink sweet tea, sometimes it does not matter what. drink water at least 8 glasses per day for weight loss programs

Tip 3. Eat at least 3 times a day for a diet to lose weight effective.
Stick to eating 3 times a day. Do not reduce the frequency of your meal 2x a day because it will slow down your metabolism, you can can actually get an ulcer. Keep eating at least 3 times a day, with of course a small portion. Skipping meals is a major error in the diet.

Tip 4. Eat at the end of three hours before bedtime.
Eating close to bedtime will cause you to eat food you did not get converted into energy for your activity, resulting in the accumulation of fat you will gain. If Hungry, you better eat non-fat milk or low-calorie food nutrition.

Tip 5. Cardio exercise (running, swimming, treadmill, aerobics).
very effective cardio exercise to burn fat, do this exercise regularly every day. In addition exercise has many health benefits.

Tip 6. Kurangin fried foods, replace it with the boiled food.
Do not forget that grilled fish and grilled chicken sometimes diolesin oil, so keep these foods also hindarin.

Tip 7. Beautiful morning for practice.
Practicing in the morning would be more effective, because your stomach is empty and of course the main combustion will take from your fat.

Tip 8. Always choose to walk instead of the escalator.
Choose a walk if the distance is not too far away. when at work always choose to use a ladder if you just want to go down 1 or 2 floors only. This little exercise will be beneficial to reduce your weight if you do every day.

Tip 9. Enjoying life.
Arrange all the settings meliputin diet diet and exercise so that it becomes something that is fun, by making something fun your diet the more it will increase the success of the diet.

Tip 10. Rest taste.
A good resting time is 6-8 hours a day. Never more than 8 hours per day, once there is research that says that excessive sleep increases the risk of death.

Tips 11. Do not try all kinds of food at the buffet banquet.
do not try all the food menu when there are banquet buffet. Simply select one or two types do you like best, then continue with a salad, remember that you are trying to lose weight.

There are still many weight loss diet tips that other who of course will not fit to write us here. Troubleshooting tips above are diet tips that played a big role in your diet to lose weight.

In addition to troubleshooting tips to lose weight above, read also about the mistakes common mistakes cause failures diet to lose weight.

Good luck, good luck with the diet to lose weight.

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