The protein is important during a fast to maintain continued function of the liver and create a balance between the liver and the bowel, so as neither becomes congested or stagnant. During a juice fast, discontinue the antioxidants for the duration and begin them again after completion. Otherwise, continue them. Protein should be incorporated during any fast or cleanse for the sake of the liver.

Seventh: Depending on which cleanse you choose, maintaining a light diet afterwards for three days is a way for the body to re-adjust to food and assimilation. If you should become constipated either before, during or after a detoxification, take a tablespoon of castor oil 2 times a day until the congestion is eliminated. Also, you can use castor oil packs on the lower abdomen with hot towels to break up stagnation.

Eighth: Some other things to consider in assisting the body to strengthen and detoxify. These can be done before, during or after the actual cleanse: Baths: consisting of 20 minute periods of water as hot a possible, with the added ingredients of baking soda and Epsom salts (1 pound of each), or 2 cups of apple cider vinegar, or 2 pints of hydrogen peroxide. These are separate baths, on separate nights for releasing toxins. Water: drink as much as possible and distilled is best. Herb’s: Cats Claw; Pau d’ Arco; Licorice root; Astragalus; Olive Leaf; Garlic; Milk Thistle ( 40 drops of liquid tincture 2x/day both before and after for a maximum of 21 days); this stimulates the immune system. Wheat Grass: fresh daily with the cleanse, not before. Endocrine system: vitalize this glandular system, as it is the producer of all hormones and balances the whole body. Find a combination glandular and take every other day, after the fast for a month or so. (Enzamatic therapies-Thyroid/Adrenal/ Pituitary/Hypothalmus) Homeopathy: a complete subject unto itself, but will cleanse and strengthen in its natural course of creating balance.

Ninth: Before going back to your old way of eating, give careful consideration to the impact certain foods have on your finely tuned body. Eliminate the ones which no longer fit your new lifestyle, or at least reduce their intake to special occasions. But please, don’t make every day a special occasion for margarine, coffee, sweets, milk, dairy, processed wheat or white bread, alcohol, fake sweeteners (never, ever), canola or soy.

Educate yourself and read about the way foods and chemicals are poisoning our systems. They tend to create greater susceptibility to illness and diminish the immune system. It’s never too late, as a well versed pundit once said, to create a sense of well-being and health. Do it for yourself. Do it for your family. Do it for your life!