Health Law Consultants, Inc.

Health Law Consultants, Inc.

Did the surgeon commit malpractice when he cut common bile duct?

Is the HMO required to pay for your patient’s procedure?

The patient underwent a laparoscopic gastric bypass procedure for obesity. The

anatomosis leaked. Is the surgeon at fault?

The surgeon performed a shoulder replacement three times on the same patient.

The results: a fixed painful shoulder. Did the surgeon commit malpractice?

There’s no question the surgeon committed an error. Was it the proximate cause

What if the HMO refuses to pay for a procedure claiming it’s "experimental."

What are the patient’s options?

The gynecologist did not have the baby of a high risk pregnancy evaluated by a

neonatologist post partum, and the baby developed cerebral palsy. Is the

Did the physician commit medical malpractice in the care of his patient?

Is the pharmacist liable for dispensing a drug he knew or should have known

would be detrimental to the patient?

HLC specializes in "Expert Witness Work," including but not

limited to, chart reviews, affidavits, depositions, and court testimony for

attorneys and their clients engaged in medical malpractice and health law

HLC concentrates in the areas of General Surgery, Surgical

Oncology, Emergency Room Medicine, Trauma, and certain non-surgical malignancies

HLC experts are especially familiar with the diagnosis, treatment,

procedures, and complications of General Surgical diseases [Peptic Ulcer

Disease, GERD, Biliary Tract & Gallbladder disease, Pancreatitis, Crohn’s

Disease, Ulcerative Colitis, Thyroid Disease, Mastitis, Bowel Obstruction, etc.]

and with the diagnoses, treatment, procedures, and complications of most

Oncologic Surgical disorders [Breast Cancer, Head & Neck Neoplasms, Endocrine

Neoplasms (Pancreatic Cancer, Thyroid Cancer, Adrenal Neoplasms, Ovarian

Neoplasms), Colon & Rectal Cancers, Small Bowel Neoplasms, etc.].