Summer must be coming, because we’ve got a new round of bikini body workout plans. My old boss in the gym used to say whenever the Jenny Craig ads were on television was when everyone would start working out. Guess Jenny’s working her magic, because he was right!

This issue has weeks 1-4 and focuses on strength. All the exercises can be done with body weight or light hand weights, so it’s perfect for beginners or someone who just wants to work out at home. Also good for the gym if you wanted to vary your current routine.

All these exercises are fine, except the straight leg crunches. From the picture, you can see all that’s happening is the model’s neck is straining. There’s no reason to keep your legs straight when doing crunches, and most people will find this position makes their back arch. Bend your knees, push your back into the floor and let your abdominal muscles do the work - not your neck.

On the plus side, this article pays a lot of attention to cardio and diet, and has a four week food makeover plan. This includes portion sizes, when to eat, what to eat, and my all time favorite: swap “this” for “that”. There’s also a real life person who is undergoing the plan, which is a great incentive if you’re thinking “I can’t do that”.

Very minor complaints, in all, a good read and worthwhile buy if you’re looking to sharpen up your look for summer. ***