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Archive for February 2009
The Half Turquoise Double Light Lamp Post - by Bes Z

I was outside Target. Interest in shopping, capitalism, stickers, summer clothes, commercialism, specials, food, discounts and more: whatever the reason, people were probably in the Target shopping lot because of some reason. I was taking pictures of everything around me when I came across this dual light lamp post.

Taking pictures of anything when others are watching creates different assumptions in the minds of those people. Why would this person be taking pictures at Target? Why is this person taking pictures in a parking lot? Why is this person using a Canon PowerShot A410 camera to take pictures – aren’t those cameras just point and shoot designed to take pictures of birthday parties and smiling people? What could possible be captured in that camera that cannot be seen simply looking up? People kept looking at me from left and right, and through glances too. If I had an SLR with an optical lens the size of a hunting rifle, many people would have wanted to be in the picture. However, with the smaller, silvery camera, people simply wonder why such a camera holder is allowed to take pictures.

In my view, the only one not to have any assumptions was the lamp post itself. The dual-light lamp post did not have any assumptions about me or my camera. It just had one thing to say: “I’m turquoise too.” It looked very powerful and complex against the very elegantly smooth, yet confusingly simple, sky.

It was only after I took the picture that I realized that the left part of the light was actually appearing to be turquoise. I have more than one picture and the left part appears turquoise in all of them.

This was taken in Albany near a Target parking lot.

The Chubby Light Bulb picture by Bes Z

I noticed this in San Francisco. I am not sure if it was the weight that caught my eye, the width, the design, or simply its existence. I should probably avoid saying that the fatness caught my attention, yes? Or no? Regardless, I think, this picture was taken while climbing down a set of stairs. Or was it up? Ok, I am not sure anymore, though I know I stopped near the bottom of the stairs, or the beginning, and took this picture.