Euthanasia Good or Murder?

Euthanasia  Good or Murder?

The necessity of permission for euthanasia is more and more being discussed in the world. There are enough proponents from both parts, who stands pro et contra. The first ones proclaim that person shouldn’t be tortured. He or she needs to have choice between the… agonizing life and the death, setting free of torments.

The “first swallow” appeared in one of democratic European countries. A clinic where euthanasia will be possible has opened in Lausanne. What to think about it anyway?

We can consider it in different ways. However, if we look into it deeply, it’s not so easy. We have to remember that each person has a chance to recover. It might be one from a million or a billion. But it is. And there are enough such cases. People who had no chance to survive at all by doctors’ opinion, who had stayed in coma for years, came out of it and lived as normal, mentally healthy, full-fledged people. We can remember the last case of a young man stayed in coma for more than 15 years after an accident. He survived.

There is another issue. What about people suffering from incurable diseases? Strange as it may seem, there are quite enough painkillers. It concerns a more moral aspect. When the life drastically changes, when a person can not take care of himself or herself after some accident, stroke or other diseases, he or she looses the interest to the life. It’s similar to the new birth, but in totally other notion. There is the life ‘before’ and ‘after’. Many people can not endure such a trauma and dream to die. The same mood is noticed at lonely elderly people. Anyway whatever they say it is a murder. Or suicide. What’s the difference?

Christianity always considers suicide as a mortal sin. Disease is given to people as a trial. And it is necessary to bear this cross up to the end. Meanwhile, if we look at this question from different part, we will see another problem. Many people dreaming about euthanasia could live rather happily. Let’s remember Mr Hope, famous physicist and recognized genius of the modern science. His physical torments over tens of years are awful. But he confessed that he is afraid not to have time to do everything he had intended until the end of his life. According to doctors’ forecasts he had to die long time ago. But his craving for discoveries, his thinking make him win the death day after day. Such people need serious help of psychologists. They need to work in order to carry away the patient with something. When the life will be filled with some aim, ideas about self-murder will draw away by themselves.

Well, what to do with those who are almost vegetables? Is it really so? We can only guess what these people feel, suffer. They might live in their dreams and be happy there. Who can say for sure? Nobody. Of course, their families have a hard time. It is not cheap to support these handicapped people.

Nevertheless we did not find the answer for our question. Is euthanasia necessary? If we consider us as humans, it doesn’t. Many people asking for euthanasia suffer from terrible tortures, pains, as people with cancer, for example. However, if the euthanasia will be permitted there will be no need to create painkillers for such patients. Why? If such a sufferer could not take it anymore he or she will ask to stop the torments.

Also when permitting euthanasia we will open one more loophole for those who hurry up to send the ‘closest’, ‘loved’ one to the better world. There are a lot of people not believing in God, and they are not afraid to be requited for their actions. Their moral principles are low. Sometimes it is possible to bribe a doctor (but we do not want to offence honest doctors). If the suffering relative is in too bad condition, especially in coma, there will be no problems for the malefactors. Correspondingly it is possible to set free a monster after the permission of euthanasia. As we see, the question is not as easy as it could seem. Anyway, with any excuses euthanasia is a murder.