Is an Online Training Program Right for You?

Is an Online Training Program Right for You?

Anima Sana In Corpore Sano – Latin for “a sound mind in a sound body.” It also happens to be very good advice. So how do you begin your quest for a sound mind in a sound body? Where do you start looking for a great workout program? Magazines? Fitness clubs? Your gym? All good places but, for those of you who lack motivation or self-discipline, or have a job that takes you away from home many nights a week, where do you go to find a program that will work for you? How about the internet?

Many trainers now provide convenient, web-based workout programs. But, how do you pick the one that’s right for you? First things first, you need to find a reputable, certified trainer. Using tools like Yelp or Yahoo check out the reviews for various trainers online or in your area to get an idea of how helpful these types of programs can be. Most likely, you’ll want to meet with your trainer face-to-face, if at all possible. This will allow him/her to evaluate your fitness level and body fat percentage as well as take body measurements. If meeting in person is not feasible, you can discuss all of this information during your intake meeting. Be prepared to answer very specific questions about your health, eating habits, strength, coordination and level of cardiovascular activity.

Online training is a cost-effective option for busy people with limited time or limited access to high quality professional trainers. You can do your workout at any time of day that works for you, without the worry of missing appointments, meetings, carpools, etc. Your trainer should develop an eating or meal plan that works with your goals. Whatever your goal may be building muscle, losing weight, toning up or just getting in shape, make sure your meal plan incorporates foods and supplements that are right for you. Make sure your meal plan includes nutritious, wholesome foods that don’t rely on “fad foods” or “fad diets.” You and your trainer need to work on developing a sustainable, healthy meal plan that works for your lifestyle and goals.

Additionally, your trainer will create a workout program which incorporates strength training, cardiovascular exercise and stretching or yoga. It’s your responsibility to perform the exercises your trainer prescribes for you. You’ll track your weight, workouts and food intake in an online journal which will be shared with your trainer. He or she will track your progress on a weekly basis and make adjustments as needed. This is also the opportunity for you to ask questions of your trainer to make sure you understand the instructions, meal plan and/or workout routines. If you’re unclear on how to perform an exercise, many trainers have videos with demonstrations of how to properly perform each exercise or stretch. Don’t be concerned about asking for more instruction. It is important for you to understand what you need to do to be successful.

You and your online trainer will track your progress and make necessary adjustments. It’s up to you to follow the trainer’s advice. If you can make the commitment and follow the program, t makes all the difference and the results will be visible in no time.

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