Make life changes easier

Make life changes easier

Life changes often seem so difficult to make. But among scientists it is generally known that you can change your life in 28 days. It turns out that it takes only 4 weeks to implement a new habit and let go of old ones.

Whether you want to quit smoking or lose weight, it all comes down to concentrating on the task of your choice for four weeks.

A lot of people are afraid when they want to change a certain aspect in their life. Pictures of a horrible life in which no fun stuff is left behind flashes before their eyes. The feeling that the rest of their life will be a struggle is often too horrid to start at all.

veranderen in 28 dagen
Nothing is further from the truth. All they have to do is choose one thing and concentrate on that. That is all!

I know... this sounds too easy. But maybe, just maybe you should give this method a try. I have tried it myself and I would not write about it and suggest it to you if I thought it was rubbish.

So give me the benefit of the doubt and try it.

Even when you are in the middle of a life change life can be quite nice. Sometimes you even do not notice that you are changing. It happens without you noticing it. Does this sound like a dream? Well... try it. A life change does not ask for more effort than another life''s day.

Let me tell you how this method works.


Close your eyes and imagine the change you would like to implement. It does not matter what it is, as long as the wish comes from within you. Try to imagine how it changes your life significantly. See what influence it will have on you and how much better you will feel when you have this new habit. Let that feeling enter your heart. Feels nice huh?

Do not hold back, just let it flow through you.


From that feeling you decide which day you are going to start. Write down the date and add 28 days to that date. This will be the day you will finish. If your life changes ask for more preparation than a few small things then you will also have to think of a realistic preparation period. Make a list of things you need to do before you can start.

Make sure that you fulfill all action steps before you can start, because you will have a harder time if you haven''t prepared for your life changes. Try to get all possible troublemakers out of the way.


Next, inform everybody that matter to you about what you are about to do. You will also need some enthousiastic people around you when you are doing this.

Focus and go for it

From the moment you start all you have to do is focus on the one thing you have decided on. Now it becomes interesting. Accept that it may be difficult so now and then and that your mind will tell you that it does not want to play anymore. But what is four weeks in the rest of your life? It isn''t that long...

Maybe you will notice, after you have started, an urge not to change at all. In the past this might have been a reason to quit. Now you do not ask yourself why this happens, all you do is delaying yourself. You only experience resistance to change.

Tell yourself that you are sure you can overcome these 28 days. Do not let any insecurity in and do not create any reason to make a mistake. Decide to hold on.

Something that I find very important is that you do not start any changes during those 4 weeks. Do not even think about them. When those 28 days of change are over you can make a new plan. If you plan it carefully you can change twelf major things in your life in a year. Isn''t that amazing? Sometimes only one thing can make a world of difference about how you look at yourself or feel about yourself.

After you have striped off the 28th day on your calendar you take some time to look back. You made it! You are now the proud owner of a new habit. What else do you need?

Don''t you think it is far more simple to do it this way instead of changing a handful in one time? If you repeat this a few times you will do the same thing as other people only with a far more chance for success!

What did I change?

Curious what my life changes were?

  • from no exercise at all to a life with 3 visits to the gym per week.
  • drinking 8 cups of water per day
  • handling emotions without eating
  • from a chaotic work life to task lists and (almost) clean desk ;-)
  • from eating everything to a healthy lifestyle.
  • and a lot more...

Most of these aspects helped me to lose a lot of weight and change my life into something totally different. I regained my self confidence. I think that is the most important of all.

Now that I write this down I am amazed that I am still doing these things and haven''t fallen back into old habits. For me this technique works very well! I hope it works well for you also!

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