Did You Know Benefits of Red Onion?

Did You Know Benefits of Red Onion?

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Plant onion Allium cepa has a Latin name derived from the tribe Liliceae. This plant is easy to grow and reproduce using tubers grown in soil. Based on history, the man who invented onion is Chistopher Columbus. He brought the plant up to North America in 1942. Until now, the variation of the onions have been very diverse and can we meet everywhere. Each of these variations largely determine the quality of the results of onion bulbs.

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Shallots are very familiar in our lives as a spice in cooking everyday. For that knowledge about the benefits of onions is also necessary for us to know. Efficacy onion has actually perceived by humans since many centuries ago. As an example of this is to add extra power to the workers who built the pyramids of Egypt, they diligently eating onions and radishes.

In addition, the Gladiators in ancient Rome formerly also used onions to increase their muscle strength. They rubbed his red onion to all parts of the body before competing. They believe by doing so, the condition can be more vibrant.

In the current era, commonly used by communities of red onion to flavor dishes. There are a variety of beneficial substances contained in the onions. Among them are Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Iron, Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Phosphorus, Zinc, and Sodium. With the presence of some substance, red onion can meet the needs of our bodies to vitamin or mineral.

If you wish to obtain an optimal efficacy of red onion, you can eat slices of raw onion every day on a regular basis. Sliced ​​red onion commentary can you mix with a small chilli, sliced ​​tomato, and cucumber slices and then given a salt and lemon juice. You can enjoy it while eating fried fish or chicken.

For Health Benefits of Red Onions

Based on history, people have known health benefits of onions to cure some diseases such as they suffered. Among the benefits of red onion is the cure headaches, launched a bowel movement, treating cough, hair loss, to heal the wounds caused by snake bites.

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