High Fiber Food For Dogs

High Fiber Food For Dogs

High Fiber Food For Dogs

Before choosing to feed your dog food high in fiber for dogs for whatever the reason may be, whether your dog is suffering from diabetes, obesity or constipation, it is advisable to talk it over with your vet first as it is such a specialized diet.


By eating high fiber food, your dog will feel fuller faster and take in less calories, thus losing weight. This means that a high fiber diet is beneficial when your dog is overweight, as foods which are high in fiber are generally lower in calories.


Placing your pet on a high fiber diet should it be constipated will help get everything working smoothly again.


A diet that is high in fiber makes the disease easier to manage as it helps to stabilize the blood sugar levels of an animal that has diabetes.

Foods High In Fiber

The easiest source of fiber is to buy an organic high fiber dog food. Be certain that you choose a high quality brand, as the cheaper dog foods do not contain the nutrients your dog needs, and what nutrients they DO contain, are often of a low quality and obtained from ingredients labelled as unfit for human consumption. However, be warned that the better quality high fiber dog foods can be quite expensive.

Do some research and consult with your vet as to which ingredients would be best and be certain to follow a recipe as certain foods that humans eat on a daily basis can be toxic for your pet and then if you’re really serious about the high fiber diet, make your dog’s food yourself, especially if you cannot afford the specialized commercial food.

Remember that when changing your dog’s food, it is best to do so gradually as a sudden change in diet can be very upsetting on the canine digestive system.

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