Nutrition and Disease Prevention: The Harsh Reality

Nutrition and Disease Prevention: The Harsh Reality

Although we have already covered nutrition and disease prevention to some extent before, it really is something of vital importance. It is something which cannot be ignored regardless of your own personal circumstances at the present time.

We are all guilty of thinking that diets are only for those individuals looking to lose weight. This is not the case. Our diet, and thereby nutrition as a whole, is for all intent purposes the fuel our body needs on a daily basis, the fuel our body needs to survive.

Education, Education, Education

Education in itself is key with regards to nutrition and disease prevention. The heart of the matter is that nutrition is what keeps our vital organs going. It keeps the brain and the heart going. Nutrition therefore figures quite highly in determining what life throws at us and indeed our longevity.

If you as an individual find you only eat certain types of food, as opposed to a well balanced diet, your body will lack in some of the essential nutrients it requires on a daily basis. In the longer term a lack of essential nutrients will cause you to become more susceptible to life threatening diseases.

This is the harsh reality of not taking the link between nutrition and disease prevention seriously. This is the harsh reality of always putting off things until tomorrow. However, you may find that one of these days it may just be that little bit too late to rectify the situation.

Eat, Eat, Eat

We are all aware of the fact that prevention is always better than cure. It is far better to be able to prevent disease in the first instance as opposed to having to suffer the harsh reality and indeed the potential fatality of a life threatening condition. You can actually start off following a well balanced diet today. It is really quite simple, and there is no need to wait. Some of my nutrition and disease prevention tips are as follows:

  • Eat five or more portions of fruit and vegetables each and every day. This is made somewhat easier if you follow my 5 a day plan
  • Choose high fiber food options where possible. You may wish to switch from white breads, regular pasta and white rice to whole grain and whole wheat breads, whole wheat pasta and brown rice in this regard. It is also easy to increase your fiber intake simply by switching to a high fiber cereal for breakfast; and
  • Cut out those cans of soda. Stick to water, 100% fruit juices and smoothies.

Reap the Rewards

For information the types of disease which can be prevented by following a nutritious, well balanced diet include the following:

  1. Diabetes;
  2. Cancers;
  3. Kidney disease;
  4. Neurological problems;
  5. Liver disease;
  6. Eating problems;
  7. Allergies;
  8. Strokes;
  9. Inflammatory bowel conditions;
  10. Coeliac disease; and
  11. Small bowel disease.

The link between nutrition & disease prevention is really quite extraordinary and simply cannot, and should not, be something that is made light of. I personally believe it is somewhat magical to think that nutrition can really have such life changing implications.

Although nutrition and disease prevention go hand in hand, the harsh reality is that the individual concerned has to be susceptible to, and indeed embrace, the necessary dietary changes. However, when your whole entire life is ultimately at stake, you would be mad not to!

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