Where Has The First Half Of 2012 Gone??!!

Where Has The First Half Of 2012 Gone??!!

Well, hello again! Firstly, Can you believe it is almost June!?! I certainly can’t! Secondly, I want to apologise for my somewhat lengthy absence from my blog, but the real world was calling and I needed to take some time out for not only myself and my family, but also to be able to put as much time and effort into my 2 Uni subjects as I could. Fingers crossed the marks I get will make it all worth it I’ll keep you posted on those!

So, a lot has been happening, but I have had a lot of time to sit back and reflect on where I want my blog to go, and what I want to do with it…. But even more importantly I want to know what you want to see more of on here. (so please leave a comment below on what you liked to hear more about!)

I have had so much going on this year, way too much to share here , but just to fill you in a little bit…. 2012 has been an amazing journey of healing for me, I have been working through a lot of things that the Universe has such an amazing way of bringing to our attention , letting go of fears, habits and belief systems that were simply no longer serving me. This naturally causes a lot of shifts (and sometimes distress) in personal relationships – but it has also moved them up into an amazing new level. There is still a lot of work to be done here, but I am loving the transformations and rebuilding that is taking place. However, also when we go deep inside of ourselves – there is bound to be things that bubble up to the surface, things we need to take some time to work through, and really just observe and become aware of, in order to truly heal. This is where I am at right now, and I have to say it’s an amazing (although sometimes tough) journey but I am truly grateful to have such a beautiful supportive and understanding family around me who make it all so much easier There is no doubt in my mind, that the healing energy of 2012 is in full force and in the spirirt of taking the good with the bad – I am loving every minute of it!

So, with this said- I have decided to cut my blogging back to one post a week for now, while I give myself time to really reflect on my journey, and explore these lessons I am here to learn! (on top of working, studying and taking care of my family). I will also be having guest posts from time to time, but mostly I have decided to just scale it back to my own personal journey of health, Spirituality and Wellbeing and all the nutrition info you can handle (I’m already learning so much in my degree – I can’t wait to share it with you all!)

Also, For the past month I have taken part in ‘Selfish For 27 Day’s‘ with a truly amazing group of women. This came at the perfect time for me, and has truly been a blessing and such a beautiful, safe place in the Selfish Temple to discuss and share with these like minded souls! It’s so refreshing to know, that being Selfish, is in fact a good thing! For as we were so wonderfully reminded throughout this time – if our cups aren’t full (or even better – overflowing!) How on earth can we GIVE to our loved ones and those around us? We have to remember to take time to nurture ourselves – this is really, really important! The lovely Susana is running this again in September – So keep an eye out for it! You can even register your interest now by jumping on her email list then you will definitely be the first to hear about it

So, have a great day and amazing Weekend and i’ll see you all next week!


Please Leave Comments below on what you would love to see more of on here, and perhaps even less of? I have a big list of topics I am going to be writing about over the coming weeks – So feel free to add to my list!

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