Zest For Life

Zest For Life

Let’s Put it In A Bottle And Sell It On The Street Corner

Capturing a formula for zestful living is like trying to deify “one size fits all.” We each know intriguing persons who epitomize a zest for life. Their essence is somewhat inexplicable, yet you can usually point to some fairly concrete behaviors, and of course, positive thinking. They have made the most out of personal development.

A favorite couple first came to mind as I pondered the subject. The husband has always reveled in the extended family children, growing with them to find their particular qualities and essences. He usually has a name for each, always flattering and self-explanatory. His voice exudes pleasure as he relates the latest antics of each child.

The husband loves his heritage and constantly tries to get others to identify “who is in the old photos” he just found. It is a family giggle that from time to time, all must sit through his latest photos of travels, people, events. Everyone does it with express pleasure, just to watch his process unfold through his narrations, and to be in the company of one who obviously has captured a love of life, He reminds us effortlessly of our own heritage. His zest is catching.

His wife has met his zest with her own brand. After the couples’ three sons were set in their career paths, she returned to school to attain a doctorate degree in her profession. Together, they represent the best of the best! Both own businesses in their small town. Community service is a major ingredient in their formula for living.

They work, probably too long and too hard. They touch lives and, seemingly without effort, produce success. They hide their trials and tribulations, and get up every morning planning on reaching their goals. No, it is not without effort; they have a mind set that greets life’s challenges with a “bring it on” attitude.

Goals and forever reaching for success are the foundations of their zest. They reach when others may sit down. We all know that cultivating a zest for life out of difficulties is part of the secret. We should not be tricked into thinking that living with zest is a given. It is always work to live life with enthusiasm; it doesn’t have to be a chore. Positive thinking is the key. Zest often means making better lemonade with whatever twists come your way.

And it means jumping into life!

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